Evaluation for Cattle Breeding values in Slovenia Zootehnical department
Evaluation - October 2019 Animal science
IB - InterGenomics - DGV GBV

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Evaluation IG          
Sent data SNP data (format IB 705) By Population - Year of Genotyping    
Receive data Genomics BV By Traits - Type - Sex    
  Correlations bettween DGV and GBV    
    DGV and CBV    
    GBV and CBV    
  Correlations bettween current and previous evaluation of DGV    
    current and previous evaluation of GBV    
Receive report Standardization factors      
  Number of observations      
  Number of SNPs      
  Reliability gain      
  Age distance      
  Correlations bettween BV EBV DGV GBV  
    Relative differences EBV DGV  
      EBV GBV  
  Compare Old : New evaluation DGV  
Compare MACE : IG Number of Bulls By Birth Year and Origin    

Run: 25 October 2019
Last modified: 4 December 2019 at 9:38